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A Guide to Investing in Cryptocurrency

The cryptocurrency market is a well advanced and popular option for investors who are trying to raise the extent of returns. Due to that, it is always crowded with newcomers who want to learn more about the trade before entering. As a result, we are here with a simple guide about investing in cryptocurrency. Following the same will help you figure out things and understand the many aspects that need to be avoided. So without further ado, here’s all that you need to know.


The Platform

Understanding or choosing a platform to invest is the best way to get started and enter the world of cryptocurrency. For this very purpose, the most popular choice stands to be cryptocurrency exchanges. These so-called exchanges are the ideal way to move ahead with ease and understand how the process takes place. As a result, while looking out for platforms, you will come across names like Bitfinex, GDAx and Coinbase. These platforms tend to include several currencies and thus carry things forward to the right extent.

These exchanges also charge a certain amount of fees for the purpose of conducting transactions. So if you’re prepared to pay some extra amount, then you can very well proceed to settle down with exchanges. But if you want to avoid such fees, then you opt for websites that help you directly connect with a seller. At these websites, you can interact with the seller and buy all that they are willing to sell. However, the process also comes forward with a certain number of risks. You will have to deal with a random stranger and figure things out on your own.

So consider the many pros and cons that are associated with these platforms and then move forward to select either one of them. In case both these platforms do not seem to be convincing, then another option that is turning out to be popular is Bitcoin ATM. You can purchase Bitcoin and send the same to your wallet.


Storing Cryptocurrency

Soon after purchasing cryptocurrency, you need to store the same in a wallet that is commonly known as a cryptocurrency wallet. Including this into your portfolio is quite remarkable, and every investor goes ahead to do the same thing. For this purpose, you can choose between a software wallet or a hardware wallet. As software wallets make up the process of active trading, they are more efficient and easy to utilise. With simple steps of registering, you can proceed to use a software wallet.

On the other hand, hardware wallets are physical devices that come in the shape of USB drives and other similar devices. Using them for handling all your cryptocurrency needs is entirely secure and productive.


Video Gaming

Decoding the Reality of Cryptocurrency in Video Gaming

Cryptocurrency has already proven its worth by establishing a firm ground of realization. The technology and the kind of innovation that it brings to the table is second to none. Due to that, one can always expect Cryptocurrency to enter different sectors and revolutionize the way we do business. One among those sectors might be the gaming industry as there are a number of reasons to believe so. Hence, go ahead and read the following to understand how Cryptocurrency could impact the world of video gaming.

1. The Inclusion of Transactions

The gaming industry was always hit with transactions as a way to gain upgrades and other essential features to enhance the overall gaming experience. As a result, the involvement of Cryptocurrency might begin there as it provides a reliable and stable method of conducting transactions. The benefit of including Cryptocurrency for this very purpose will be felt by both developers and gamers. As the technology is already credited for being unique, it will only eliminate the problems that once existed in the field.

Moreover, the over-dependence of developers on payment mechanisms is a particular area that has been wanting a change. With the right technology on board, these developers could very well develop their own currency and gain a proper form of control over their market. With revenues and profits on the rise, gamers can expect significant changes that might even change the way they used to game.


2. Eliminates Problems

The inclusion of a well-maintained form of technology will also mean a reality that provides instant solutions. Problems relating to storage, gaming techs and other essential aspects can be eliminated from the game entirely. People will get used to an effective form of dealing with transactions and playing games. Thanks to that, the future of gaming will change and develop to the right extent. The very economies of the process will benefit, and people will soon get used to an efficient and reliable mode of gaming.

3. The Benefits of a Wide Network

A space or a network of this calibre always opens the door for endless possibilities that can be tried and tested to the right extent. One such benefit of the same can be the aspect of item-sharing. Experts believe that the inclusion of Cryptocurrency can enhance the process of item-sharing and help gamers connect to different games outside their network. This particular aspect lies at the very top of innovation as the number of possibilities that it creates is unimaginable. Due to that, the day we come across this unique combination, and the day we get used to a better form of gaming experience will end up being a remarkable one.


Essential Tips That Every Cryptocurrency Investor Must Know

Entering the cryptocurrency market stands to be incomplete without a proper method of analysis and various other aspects. Individuals who proceed to invest in the market without taking a minute to consider a few points do not necessarily come out with a reasonable success rate. As a result, we are here to help you out and eliminate the most common problems associated with investing in the cryptocurrency market. For that very purpose, we have a few tips that pinpoint towards the main aspects that you need to know about. Hence, go ahead and read them all out.

1. Understanding the Market

One of the first and the most common things to do before entering a market would be to study the same and figure out the many aspects that revolve around the same. By doing so, you will be able to filter out the noise that comes ahead with false facts and other similar points. Instead, you will end up looking at the main points of the matter and other signs of analysis that have come from experts. So take your time, study the market and then think about investing.


2. Be Prepared for Anything

The cryptocurrency market might be making a lot of people happy, but that does not eliminate the aspect of risk. Uncertainty tends to roam all around the activity of investing. Due to that, you need to be prepared to follow the risks and understand the extent of their impact. In this manner, you will be prepared to face the worst by including steps that can control things and set them off to a great start. Hence. Be ready and equipped to face anything and everything.

3. Strategies

It is quite common to include strategies and other elements while conducting the process of investing. But that should also be carried forward with tried and tested strategies that are equipped to deal with several situations. One of the many mistakes that newcomers follow is to rely on strategies that worked well for others. This false move will be a massive roadblock because your needs and goals would be different from theirs. So understand everything that lies at stake, look into several strategies and pick out the best.


4. The Importance of Diversification

Be it the stock market or the cryptocurrency market, diversifying your investments stands to be an essential move that needs to be carried forward and processed to head in the right direction. Without a valid method of diversification, you will be facing a lot of risks that might be too much for a beginner. So learn the trick of the trade, explore the common aspects of the process and then consider the element of diversification.

Trading Bitcoin

The Different Steps for Trading Bitcoin

Bitcoin has managed to bring in a number of investors who have made the right kind of returns by trading the same. With the inclusion of specific methods, these investors have found a safe haven in cryptocurrencies as they proceed ahead to invest in the market. As a result, the demand to enter and begin trading is quite high, and beginners want to know how things are done. For that very purpose, we are here with a few steps that you need to remember and understand.

1. Opening an Account

Opening an account is one of the easiest and the most critical steps that one needs to follow to begin the process of trading. So you will have to open an IG trading account to trade CFDs. The process is quite simple and gets completed in a matter of time. As multiple exchanges also come into the picture, it is always safe to open an account and carry forward the activity of trading.


2. Study the Market

Understanding the market involves being aware of the current turn of events, the pattern of behaviour, the many risks involved and also looking into ways to overcome these risks. Such essential steps will help you place yourself in the right position and carry forward the activity with ease. You will not be affected by significant events and other aspects because you were well-prepared to face them. Hence, take your time, conduct some form of research and understand all that revolves around the market.

3. A Plan or a Strategy

Going ahead to trade without a proper plan of action or strategy is a wrong move, and it will land you in a lot of trouble. The kind of risks that the process generates needs to be anticipated, and for that purpose, you need a plan. So consider the many objectives that you hand in mind and build a strategy based on the same. But in case you are confused about framing a strategy, you can always choose between options like day trading, swing trading, automated trading and scalping.

4. Placing a Trade

The process and method of placing a trade is generally dependent upon the platform or the exchange that you have chosen. If the exchange is a popular option, then the process will be a lot easier as they try to make things user-friendly. On the other hand, buying Bitcoin from websites that help you directly contact the seller is also turning out to be suitable options for trading.

So sum up these steps in your mind and understand the extent of utilization in the right manner. Hence, have a good time trading in the world of Bitcoin.


The Many Pros and Cons of Trading Forex with Bitcoin

Trading Forex with Bitcoin has been talked about a lot lately as people are considering the option to be a viable one. But going ahead without a look on the list of pros and cons might not do you any good. Since risks are always associated with the aspect of investing, it is always good to be sure about the next move. As a result, look into your options and go ahead and read out the following.


1. No Transaction Charges

When it comes to recording Bitcoin transactions, one need not worry about transaction fees and other such charges. As they are all recorded digitally on public networks, you will not be troubled with different kinds of amounts that come ahead as an additional charge. Due to that, trading Forex with Bitcoin might help you boost your level of revenue.

2. A Decentralized Model of Business

Thanks to the absence of the central bank or other centralized organizations, investors will not notice changes in Bitcoin valuations. The rates will not be affected as they remain free from a long list of aspects. Moreover, inflation rate and specific other interest rates will not come to the forefront as a problem as their impact on Bitcoin is quite less than what one can expect.


3. Security

Over the years, Bitcoin has managed to raise the efficiency of security and help investors get used to an innovative platform. Unlike the traditional methods, you will not be exposed a lot, and your transactions will receive a safe platform to carry forward the trade in an effective manner.


1. The Inclusion of Leverage

New traders and other kinds of beginners might not be able to figure out the impact of leverage as they tend to be confused when effects take over the big picture. Although this is a similar situation for most of the trade involving Forex and cryptocurrency, things need to be analyzed, if you’re going ahead to invest.

2. Confusing Times with Exchange Rates

We are all aware of the fact that Bitcoin trades on exchanges tend to vary and be quite different from the rest. While professionals and experts will know how to make their way through the same, beginners might find things to be a bit difficult. As a result, this stands to be another problem.

Exchange Rates

3. Security Risks

While the technology has been appreciated for being unique and essential to the craft, the presence of hackers is something that cannot be denied. But significant methods to counter the same are also being put into the business. Hence, it all depends upon the impact of both sides and how effectively they manage to carry forward the trade.


The Most Important Cryptocurrencies Besides Bitcoin that Investors Must Know of

Bitcoin may be the biggest and most successful cryptocurrency, but it is not the only cryptocurrency in the market. There are other currencies that are turning up the competition and helping people get access to a wide variety of choices. So as a move to let people know, we are here with a list featuring some of the essential cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin. Following the same will help you diversify and understand the market in-depth. Hence, go ahead and read them all out.

1. Ethereum

Ethereum is a considerable alternative to Bitcoin as it is a decentralized software that helps people get access to smart contracts and specific Decentralized Applications (DApps). Due to that, you will hardly come across errors and problems that prevent the whole transaction from taking place. Its applications tend to run on a particular platform known as ether. This platform is commonly bought by developers who are looking for ways to run applications inside Ethereum. Moreover, considering the fact that it was only launched in 2015, one can also say that it is entirely new to the market.


2. Litecoin

By following the many aspects that run Bitcoin, Litecoin is another cryptocurrency that came into the picture when it was launched in 2011. The cryptocurrency was created by an MIT graduate called Charlie Lee, who was also a former Google engineer. It is based on an open-source global payment network that like the rest is also decentralized. In terms of performance, people were quick to appreciate the speed of block generation and how it moves ahead to offer faster transactions. As a result, Litecoin is a viable option for you to try on.

3. Ripple

Launched in 2012, Ripple is a well known real-time global settlement network that enables banks to settle cross border payments. Thanks to their unique options like end-to-end transparency and lower costs, people have always appreciated Ripple for all that it brings to the table. While the structure does not flow through mining, it manages to reduce the usage of computing power and network latency. Due to that, the model has found success and as it proceeds to act as an exciting option for investing.


4. Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin cash is widely known as one of the most successful forks of the original bitcoin. Despite coming ahead with the same old decentralized nature, things were quite different when you compare the same with the rest. As the element of the fork tends to remain, different fractions come to an agreement, and the digital currency is split. During such moments, the original will stay true to its code, and the other copy will begin as a new version. Due to that, one needs to understand Bitcoin Cash before proceeding to do anything.



How to buy and sell cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies have been nothing but a boon to various investors all over the world. The chunky returns on the offer and the volatility of the system have worked out pretty well for the investors and many business people around the globe. However, to make a successful business transaction, it is imperative to know the procedure of buying and selling the cryptocurrencies. This article will guide you through the steps of buying and selling cryptocurrencies.

Buying and Trading

Before you buy or sell your cryptocurrencies, you need to first be clear whether you want to buy/sell or trade to the market. By trading you can simply speculate the price and need not take ownership for it, using Cryptocurrency CFD. If you want to buy or sell, then you have to put all your coins, however if you’re trading then a portion of it is sufficient. There are various advantages of tax when you’re trading as well. Unlike while during buying or selling, you do not gain profits. Having said that, trading can also lead to the magnificent amount of losses, if you get your strategy wrong.


Setting up your account

To buy or sell crypto, you need to have an account for an exchange. This means the first step is to create a digital account known as “wallet”. If you’re trading, then you can create a brokerage account.

Deciding the currencies

There are 1,500 cryptocurrencies, in case you weren’t aware and in reality it is quite impossible to trade all of them. You can trade the main currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, BITCOIN CASH, Ethereum, Ripple XRP and there are new currencies added to the list all the time. Choose the currency you know about rather than taking a wild guess.

Decide the trading strategy

Before you buy or sell, understanding the market is an important step. The prices are very influential to the economic market, and you ought to have knowledge of current trends of the market. The more number of people involved in the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies, the more complicated it gets.

Trading strategy

Apply your strategy

Once you know the strategy you want to employ, you can apply it in the actual trading market. Once you “close” the conditions, you will exit a trade. If you hit your target or have a maximum loss, then you need to close your position. If you’re not aware of how this works, there is always a demo or a practice account that can help you get adjusted to the process without using real money.


The above steps are the key aspects of buying and selling cryptocurrencies in the market. It is essential to be aware of the current trends and technologies before you encounter with any kind of buying, selling or trading of currencies.

Cryptocurrencies are no longer inaccessible like they used to be and the trading has become all the more easier for investors, and literally anyone interested in the market.


How to Earn Crypto?

The spike in the use of cryptocurrencies has increased massively. In today’s world, most of the business people, investors, young business enthusiasts everyone wants to earn money using the cryptocurrencies. However, one dilemma faced regarding this topic is the uncertainty of the crypto market. No one wants to lose their hard-earned money due to the rise or fall of the market. In this article, we have jotted down some tricks and tips on how to earn Crypto. Read more to find out!

Blockchain Jobs

Since the cryptocurrency industry is booming in today’s world, it demands more job opportunities and is also a great source of income. This does not mean you need to be a software developer to work in the Bitcoin industry. Some other jobs are

  • Community manager who maintains the people and relationship of the company
  • Marketing
  • Customer support to help with the needs
  • Content writer
  • Manager
  • Legal team

Working in any one of these fields in the Bitcoin industry can become a direct pathway to earn Crypto.

Mining Crypto

Mining is often misunderstood to earning or gaining a lot of coins to yourself, but in reality, it does not work that way. Mining is a process where the computer is used to solve complex mathematical problems to validate transactions. Cryptocurrencies already follow a protocol, but before it is released into the market, they need to be validated. The first person who validates the cryptocurrency gets a fragment of the virtual token. This way, you can earn Crypto. Some of the Crypto you can mine are Ethereum, Dash and Litecoin.

Mining Crypto


If you’ve already got your eyes on the currencies that are mined, then you can earn by Proof of Work and Proof of Stake. In the Power of Stake method, a person to confirm the creation is chosen in a deterministic way based on the number of coins they already possess. It’s like playing a lottery game. The more significant the amount of coins you put into staking, the higher is your validation changes. But it is a bit unsure as you need to hold a good amount of coins before earning more.


They’re a great way to earn Crypto in terms of initial levels of a project. The only important thing is to find communities that work in similar fields and provide them with something valuable. In exchange for performing tasks, you can earn tokens. Once the project is complete and it hits the market, you can trade them for coins or also sell them. Some of their simple tasks include

  • Sharing posts on various platforms
  • Following them on social media channels
  • Joining or signing up on their platforms
  • Downloading their applications



Various platforms in the market can pay you in terms of Crypto to freelance and get their job done. Most of these platforms are free of cost to enter. Hence you get paid for exactly the amount of work you put in. It is also a significant career boost, especially if you’re in the initial stages.


How to Make Money with Cryptocurrencies

Satoshi Nakamoto published the Bitcoin currency research whitepaper in 2008. Since then, the popularity and the use of Bitcoin in today’s world have increased tremendously. In today’s world, the term Cryptocurrencies or Bitcoin is not alien to anybody. According to Google, “How to buy Bitcoin currency” was the most searched result under “How to…” in 2017. Eventually, it has become a billion-dollar industry, creating and contributing to the technological revenue of a country. By now everyone, at least the tech-savvy world, investors and the business people are aware of making money by using Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Litecoin. But how? Read more to find out!

Can you make money?

Cryptocurrencies have been around for nearly a decade and already has gained immense popularity. The crypto increases in cycles – which is it starts with an increase in the prize, covering excitement and media buzz, which eventually marks the onset of the next cycle. The world has witnessed three crypto cycles so far in 2011, 2013 and 2017.


How to make money?

There are various methods to generate income in the crypto space. While some believe this involves a higher degree of risk, the others believe this could involve high knowledge and expertise.

  • Investing: Investing involves buying and holding assets. Crypto assets hold a higher value in buying and holding assets and are considered to have a long term potential. Due to the volatile nature of the Crypto industry, long term investments are better in making money using cryptocurrencies.
  • Trading: Often, people confuse between trading and investing—the main difference between the two lies in the difference in the time horizon. Trading is a short term opportunity which demands high amounts of skills and expertise. Anyone who possesses the ability to read charts, with statistical data analysis, can thrive in making money by trading with crypto.
  • Social media: Dan Larimer launched the STEEMIT in 2016, which is a social media platform that rewards users for creating and curating content. Although the startup saw a downfall in 2017, and the numbers are declining ever since, many other companies were built on the same idea, like narrative, Sapien and many more.
  • Mining: Mining is by far the oldest ways of making money using crypto. Mining is a process that verifies the Proof of Work network. By performing the functions diligently, they’re rewarded with coins through secured transactions.
  • Staking and lending: Both are similar that allows users to make money using altcoins. Staking means to lock the crypto coins in a crypto wallet and to validate all transactions based on a Proof of Stake. This process does not require hardware but is every energy efficient. The investors can also verify the transactions and maintain the security of their wallet. Lending is another option which facilitates leading through decentralized finance applications and many more methods.

Forks and Airpods: Airpods refer to the free tokens distributed to create awareness about a project, and forks are the changes in the protocol, which are great ways of making money using crypto.

Crypto Crowdfunding

The Promise and Pitfalls of Crypto Crowdfunding

Before we get into the pitfalls and promises of using Crypto for crowdfunding, we need to understand what the term actually means.

Crowdfunding is a platform to empower businesses and industries or startup ideas by allowing crowds to fund for their favourite ideas. One of the significant needs for raising the crypto crowdfunding concept is because of the increasing instability of the price of various bitcoins and altcoins. This also means that entrepreneurs can no longer rely on the rising assets to fund their projects. For example, the rice of the price of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Litecoin in 2013, allowed the investor in the economic regime that allowed them a new dimension of freedom in the economic sector.

However, the increase in the price also means that new businesses could emerge without the involvement of the outside world.

The Pitfall

A decentralized platform provider name MaidSafe witnessed a significant issue faced by the crypto crowdfunding. This platform rose monetary via Cryptocurrency and called their token as the MaidSafeCoin. However, the processes were not as smooth as most of the coins they raised were master coins, which are the altcoins criticized as illiquid. A solution to this problem was Lam’s Vennd project that helped in the automation of the distribution of digital assets that are purchased with cryptocurrencies.

It is just like a project of vending machine where send their cryptocurrencies to a Vennd instance, and the code is decoded to track their inventory. When they run out of the digital assets, the Vennd starts refunding the people who didn’t get a share for the crowdfunding. However, the Swarm is also a competitor platform that provides the investors with voting rights to dispense their Vennd.


The alternative

As far as we know, Swarm is not the only project that is built to seek a tackle the problem of crypto crowdfunding. Another project by Andreessen Horowitz has invented the idea of developing appoints to fund operational and technical development. These types of coins are pre-allocated for different distributed ventures that would disburse the app coins for fields and contributions like code development. However, this idea has not yet passed the conceptual stage because it follows an ideal hypothesis that is yet to be materialized. However, there is some hope and validity as the name of app coins has been going around in the Silicon Valley market.

Future of Crypto Crowdfunding

Crypto crowdfunding is the future for various investors and other business people who want to keep their identity anonymous. However, the main concern is to access the technology without causing hindrance to the investors. Various projects in the market like the Swarm’s etc. are tackling these issues. Still, it is believed that without proper legal and political guidance and support, these problems cannot be mitigated. AngelList’s Ravikant is reasonably sure that the methods of crypto crowdfunding can divide and succeed in the future with both extensive crowdfunding using Cryptocurrency and the use of ‘dark web’ for funding and proliferating.

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